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Another danger for American soldiers in Iraq

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Without going into the how and whys of it I once had a job that required me to see all the death certificates and other documentation associated with every military member that died overseas. I could tell some bizarre stories, but I’ll just say there are more ways to die in a war then being shot and the numbers would shock you.

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Wouldn't shock me,

As an MP, I investigated more than my share of dumb deaths. During Desert Storm half the number of soldiers killed were those that died by accident prior to commencement of hostilities. In the military, safety is constantly emphasized at all levels but when you put hundreds of thousands of troops out there with dangerous equipment and vehicles in marginal conditions there's going to be accidents.

This issue is different though. They've been hiring lots of US electricians to go over there and wire those compounds and those electricians are working with European/Asian style 240-volt systems and are making mistakes with bonding and grounding. Personally, I think they should be hiring electricians from other countries; they'll be more familiar with those setups. Mike Holt had an article about this a few months ago.



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