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Rubber flashing on B-vent


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Originally posted by mridgeelk

I don't believe that this roof jack flashing installed on the B-vent is correct. Is it correct and and if it isn't where is the regulation stating so? Thanks, Ed

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You can try these sites.


http://www.americanmetalproducts.com/ve ... ctions.pdf

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

The big pipe is the B vent? Are you asking about clearance to combustibles or are you asking about crappy fit on the plumbing vent?

Personally, I wouldn't be concerned with temps at the roof with that flashing. That stuff is rated for over 250°F and I don't think I've ever had a B vent anywhere near that hot at a roofline.



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In my areas the one I have seen for B vent is a red looking one. I do not remember who makes it.

This link will take you to more flashing. http://pipebootexpress.com/?gclid=CKfYu ... FQodkVt8_A

If you will look in the roof forum you will find where I posted a photo and we talked about flashing.

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Thanks for all the info, I had not seen the previous discussion. About a month ago I found a similar installation only this was on triple wall pipe from a wood stove. I wrote this as incorrect.

Originally posted by inspecthistoric

Phillip is correct, we just did this recently:


Image Insert:


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