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AARST paper on radon and granite counter tops.


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Originally posted by Scottpat

The "new" AARST postion statement does give some guidance.

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif AARST Position Statement on Radon and Granite.pdf

70.23 KB

Thanks for that, Scott.

Perhaps Caohmin can enlighten an omadhaun like me. It seems to me that this discussion has reached a new level of hysterical silliness. Wouldn't the aggregate in a concrete foundations potentially release far more Radon into a home?


Jim Morrison

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Jimmy me lad... Ye have no idea what ye mate here has learned around here these parts in these last 20+ years me lad... Some day I'll tell ye.. Ye be livin' in an area of 'gravel mining' me lad with some interestin' side effects don' ye know... An don' ye be tellin' me you don' think me know what I talk 'bout, eh?

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