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Expert witness work

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and you people wonder why I get a little frosty!

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my favorite!

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can't seem to find a piece of software that handles this.

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Originally posted by Richard Moore

OK...I'm intrigued! Is the contractor that jacked up the house for the new foundation calling this mess a finished job?

More story, please!


Multiple contractors, all doing their own thing. Dumb project to start with as the owner wanted to save money and be his own general contractor. My role is the supposed "expert" to kinda pull all this stuff together and provide expertise for the local muni inspector. A mix of common sense, experience and mule skinner!

I labeled the post expert witness, as that function often is more than depositions and testimony.

This project will end with everyone happy and a safe house. The owner now recognizes his error.


Yep, that is blue foam board used as sill seal.

My reason for the initial post came from Kurt (and others) talking about inspectors without actual experience. A couple of partipants on this forum ask perfectly good questions that are too basic, for an "inspector."

I don't believe you have to have hands on experience to be a good home inspector, but it helps. Home inspecting is a thinking task followed by communication skills.

I have been around long enough to know that home inspecting is a really simple task that is very difficult to learn. I have not mastered it after twenty-five+ years. I don't feel diminished by my lack of skill because I am in good company. It would be very difficult to maintain a contensious argument between me and Kurt, Jim K, Jim M, Scott, Walter, Mike O, Chad F etc - we argue to learn and we know that is a life-long process!

Imagine how a young inspector would handle this file.

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