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A good code change.

Richard Moore

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Had these casement windows in a 2007 townhouse today.

Image Insert:


83.21 KB

Image Insert:


99.88 KB

Height to sill and opening about 13" and almost a 20' drop to concrete outside. No tempered glass (not required because each was less than 9 sq ft). I could easily see a child running around the room and crashing through the screens and the open windows.

the 2006 IRC has a new segment in R613.2...

Window sills: In dwelling units, where the opening of an operable window is located more than 72" above the finished grade or surface below, the lowest part of the clear opening shall be a minimum of 24" above the finished floor of the room in which the window is located. etc... (my bold)

Frankly, I was a bit surprised to find that requirement only started in the 2006 version. I also can't find anything about a guard rail required in this situation (????). This is not a big deal for my client as he's a single adult, but I'm tossing in a "Safety Concern" anyway. Don't ask me how you would open the hinged screens to operate the windows with a rail in place. It's not my stupid design!

Other than common sense, is there any "official" requirement for guard rails for low-silled, opening windows?

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