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Question about hailine cracks in stucco.


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I am doing an inspection on a house for a church tomorrow and I stopped by it the other day to take a look. It has some hairline cracks above or below two or three windows. I think its real stucco not EIFS Ill find out tomrrow. I dont think they are stuctural but Ill get some pics up tomorrow. My questions are:

1. How should I write them up?

2. Should there be a certain amount of expansion joints and would that have helped these cracks?

3. Are hairline cracks pretty normal with stucco homes??

I was thinking of writing it up like this:

"Hairline cracks noted to the exterior stucco at the window/door here here and here. These are points of water entry and should be evaluated and repaired by a qualified stucco contractor."



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Well, first you need to understand that hairline cracks in Portland cement stucco are not considered to be a defect and aren't likely to cause water infiltration so your comment there is completely non-factual.

Go here, click on "SMA technical papers" and the download and read every one of those 9 documents. Then order the Stucco Resource Guide online.



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