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Shower cut off.


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Maybe this will help some one. Fridays inspection there was no water coming out of the shower head.

Yesterday I was called by the Realtor that my clients used and said that there was a shut off on the shower head that turn the water off on the shower head.

He said that he had not ever see one his self and he has been selling real estate for 30 years.

I seen the handle for the valve but I thought that it was to adjust the type of spray for the shower.

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That shower head is designed for showers that have low water pressure - and they really work great - in my opinion. Neal has is right about the water saving feature.

I learned about these after I re-plumbed the bathroom of one of my rental properties. When I was all done and turned on the shower and no water came out – I could not figure out for the life of me what I had done wrong. I kept going over everything in my head and looking at what I had done and could not figure out why the shower would not work – it just did not make sense. I finally figured it out and for this reason when I see them during an inspection I explain them to my clients.

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Learned about these while riding submarines in the NAV....

Wet down for 1 minute - shut the water off at the head...

soap up ---

Open the shower head and rinse for one minute. Anything longer was a hollywood shower, and you only got to do that when you were using someone else's water.

shut cold and hot water valves.

Squeegee the shower for the next guy.

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