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Update Texas SOP & 7A-1 inspection form update

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The Inspector's Committee (IC) met with the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) at a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday - 08/18/08 and made the presentation of the updated SOP and 7A-1 inspection form.

It was accepted and will be placed in the public registry for comment and will likely be finalized in October with an effective date of no later than 01/01/2009. That will give the software companies some time to make adjustments to their templates for the TX 7A-1 report form.

As soon as I get copies of the final/approved SOP and 7A-1 I'll post them here.

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Originally posted by inspector57

Nolan, no later or no earlier than 1/1/09?


From what I've heard "if it is all approved, signed off and put into play" you can immediately work from the new SOP and 7A-1 report template.

The suggested 01/01/09 date is to allow software companies and HIs update the report templates and report comments.

I hope to get copies of the documents presented at the 08/18/08 TREC meeting in the next few days. They ought to be pretty close to the final.

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