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bathroom receptacles


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In my reports, I call out bathrooms without a grounded receptacle as a safety hazard, and of course recommend that they should be GFCI's.

Curling irons, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, electric razors and so on are all things that folks like to use in front of a bathroom mirror. If there is no receptacle they're going to run an extension cord, or worse try an tie something into the light or switch.

I believe a GFCI protected receptacle is required in new construction. I don't really feel like hunting for the code right now, but it just doesn't matter. New or old, they should be there.

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New construction/renovated bathrooms-There should be a GFCI electric outlet for each basin (within three feet of each basin). They are not required to be spaced like in a kitchen.

I believe it is in section 210 of the NEC

Existing construction- I recommend all outlets in bathrooms to be GFCI protected. Many of the local C.O. inspections in NJ are requiring retrofit of GFCI outlets when a house is sold.

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