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Rental Inspections

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I do not think New York requires an inspection before an apartment or home is rented out. I know this type of inspection is not as in depth for an apartment but how in depth is it? Do other States require this type of inspection? Does anybody have any suggestion on how to proceed with this for the agreement and the actual inspection? The agreement I have are for Home Inspections and goes into great detail of what is covered and what is excluded.

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For rentals there could be several standards that might be applied.

If you hire an HI then he or she will probably stick to their SOP.

But there are a couple of other standards to consider, for example:

The city's minimum property/maintenance standards

HUD/Section 8 minimum property standards

Various foster care standards

I haven't done rental inspections but I have done pre-purchase inspections on commercial properties for investors of plexes. I don't do them differently then any other inspection except that I hate doing them - they are often so cluttered and chalk full of people cooking, bathing and sleeping to make the inspection more of a guess.

Chris, Oregon

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