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When we built in 1999 we changed a small formal dining room into a reasonably-sized office with a 1/2 bath during the planning stages. I have little use for a formal dining room, and the 1/2 bath was great while I had a wife and a daughter in the house. [:-crazy]

However, I do have to share my cookies with a fat Basset every night.

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Brian G.

Iced Oatmeal, Chips Ahoy with White Fudge Chunks, and Deluxe Grahams [:P]

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Might want to return that stolen property, John. Feds are kinda harsh on that.[:-angel][:-angel]

Those chocolate chip cookies are good for you.

I have a large garage. I put up a 10x10 office with a large window in it. Heated and cooled.

Gives me the quiet I need when the grandkids are over (almost always).

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My house was an up/down duplex, but when the tenant left I claimed the upper apartment as my office. It's great: full kitchen, bath, sitting room with a TV. Now, however, we have a baby on the way and my in-laws are coming from Europe for a few months. My upstairs hideaway is being converted to a master suite and baby room. I'm now looking to rent office space somewhere.


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Originally posted by John Dirks Jr

Might want to return that stolen property, John. Feds are kinda harsh on that

Honestly, I have nothing to hide. It's a story, not a long one but I won't tell it anyway.[:-paperba

Those postal bins are great. My wife's printing company had about 6-7000 of them for sorting/storing jobs. Anyone can get some just by asking at the local post office, but they do remain USPS property.

She downsized this summer, and we returned them to the local post office about a thousand at a time. There are still 20 or 30 kicking around, I may have to hang on to a few for a little longer.


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