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Seller don't know, buyer ?? Oil Furnace Age


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Got an oil burning furnace. (don't see many of them around here)

Elderly lady seller ain't sure, buyer questioning age of furnace.

It's in a fourteen year old house but the ANSI standard date on the tag is 1986 which makes me think it's about 20 years old.

Milwaukee Thermaflow by

Metzger Machine Works

Serial #: 3920-2NX

Model #: LBO-120R

Can you help with an age?

I'm thinking it was built around 86 to 89?

Image Insert:


57.4 KB

Image Insert:


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Image Insert:


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Image Insert:


70.37 KB

More my curiousity than a real need. But buyer is asking.

I told em:

The filter was not properly in place to filter the air and the blower fan blades are covered with crud which impedes the operating efficiency of the unit.

This has also usually allowed dust to come in contact with the wet air conditioning coils. Wet plus dust equals mud on the coils equals the coils being partially blocked (I can't see the coils to verify this though).

Blocked coils further degrade the operating efficiency of the unit. For energy efficiency & lower operating costs, I recommend that you have the heating and cooling unit serviced and cleaned (to include removal and cleaning of both the fan and the coils) by a heating and air conditioning contractor (familiar with oil burning furnaces ) capable of fixing any other problems found while the unit is dismantled.

Given it's age and condition, you may be better off just replacing it with a newer more energy efficienty system.

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That thing--especially with its retro color--looks pretty ancient, but Preston's says the LBO-120 was manufactured in '93 and '94. There wasn't a listing for that model with an "R" at the end.

Sounds as if the little old lady's telling the truth.

In exchange for this information, Erby, you now owe me $5.00.

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