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Trapped main drain line.


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The house may have been on a septic system at some point. When that's the case, the old drain is typically filled with concrete. Why someone would connect an out-of-use septic drain to a sewer drain is beyond me, but of course who knows what was going through the plumber's head?

Maybe he was conscientious enough to know the original drain shouldn't remain open, but didn't feel like running out for a bag of concrete.

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Originally posted by Erby

The ABS drain line went to the rear of the crawl space and disappeared into the ground.

I would think some kind of exterior drainage system, with a pump somewhere, but from the picture the ABS doesn't look supported adequately to hold the amount of water that is trapped there.

Maybe like Bain suggested, they're trying to connect an old septic connection so any gasses goes into the main sewer and could vent through the house DWV System.


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