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Lest We Forget

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Hi All,

I'd meant to mark last Thursday with a post to remind folks to watch the PBS and History Channel specials but I let myself get caught up in work and forgot. I was just reminded when I received this from Jerry Llewellyn, my very first permanent party Platoon Sergeant from way back in 1976 when I was wearing PFC stripes. Better late than never I always say.



Have you heard about the trucker who has painted his cab and trailer with the names of all those who lost their lives in 9/11? The trucker's name is John Holmgren from Shafer , Minn. He has been 'pulled over' numerous times just so the troopers can get their picture taken with the truck.








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I, being a firefighter for 22 years, really appreciate peoples thoughts for the job the police and firefighters do. Not to mention all the lives that were lost on that terrible day.

After 911, the citizens of Montgomery would stop by the station and thank us for what we do. They would bring us food and cookies. This went on for months after 911. It was nice to know that people really cared.

Thanks for remembering,

Stephen Rogers

S&R Home Inspections

Retired District Fire Chief, Montgomery, AL.

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I am thankful every day for the police and fire fighters. Like most, I often forget to tell them.

Couple asides - A year or so ago I was speeding along a country road and met a Deputy traveling the opposite direction. He whipped around and got me pulled over, after I put my seatbelt on.

Well, he offered a stearn warning about the speeding and the seatbelt, but I had to run my mouth about having the seatbelt on - blah blah blah. He listened to me for five minutes or so. Finally he told me to get out of the vehicle, took his hat off and put it on my hood and commenced to tell me what he had done the day before. It was a hostage situation and he had to shoot the bad guy. The incident happened a few hundred yards from my office, so I knew all about it. He and I were the same age - old!

This is a quote, "I don't give a rat's ass if you like this or not. I have treated you like the gentleman you are and you have done nothing but bitch about the facts. Take the ticket. I've about had it with you people. Yesterday I was the hero and today I'm listening to you bitch and call me a liar. Take the ticket." He got his hat, put it on and drove away.

The next day I paid the tickets and went to the Sheriff's Department to formally apologize to the Sheriff and the Officer. That was one of those few days I DID remember their service.

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Here's a tip from a former cop;

If you want to lessen the likelihood of the officer writing you a ticket versus a warning, just acknowledge what you did wrong and apologize for it. Say something like, "Officer, you're right, I was speeding and I wasn't wearing my seatbelt. It was stupid and careless of me and I'm sorry; I'll try to do better next time."

You might have to listen to him ream you out for a minute or so, but your chances of an actual ticket will be greatly reduced. Believe me I know; even though I'm an ex-cop, I have a really heavy foot and I get pulled over all the time. I don't tell them I'm a former cop and I never promise that I'll never screw up again, 'cuz they'll know I'm lying when I make that promise. I've probably had 3 speeding tickets over the past 5 years and should have had about 50.

Les, it's too bad the cop wasn't a woman - I do believe you could charm the skin off a rattlesnake if it were a female.



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