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Truss cut

Doug welborn

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Got other pictures? That photo doesn't really explain a whole lot and makes it hard to put the picture in context despite your explanation. When you take photos of something in a house, you should first take establishing shots of the whole area - in the case of an attic, of the whole section of the attic viewed from well back - so the viewer can gain perspective into what it is you're trying to show them in the photo. Then, move closer to the object in question and take more pictures moving from a general picture of the object to specific shots of what it is you're trying to focus the viewer's attention/concentration on.

They might be site-built trusses, or not. Certainly, if that's supposed to be the splice between a truss chord and a web it's dicked up but one can't possible tell you more than that from looking at that close-up photo of...what?



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If you're talking about that vertical member, it is turned the wrong direction by 90 deg. I wouldn't think that was a truss member as a result.

Also, is there a bearing wall where the bottom chords/ floor joists rest in the center of that photo (that would make it not a truss system).

Oh yeah, what Mike said too.................. can't really see much.

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