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A new "solution" for granite counters.

Richard Moore

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I just found this, issued today.


Next time I get asked "Can you test the granite countertops for radon?", my answer will be... "No, but as a safety precaution, I do suggest you drink more red wine."

I think I'll recommend a fine 1986 Cab.

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While I might be joking, I suspect there is more real science in that one, single study than in the whole granite scare.

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Uh oh! But wait a minute!

According to the Federal Government (1), red wine contains Co 60, Cs 137 and tritium! Samples as high as 125 pCi/l for just tritium alone in red wine, with some Colorado basin wines exceeding 250 pCi/l !! White is no better at 115 pCi/l ...

OMG!!! And beer is even worse!! Dear heavens, the gross alpha of beer can be as high as 850 pCi/l !! Wait a minute, even well water can contain over 50,000 pCi/l ..... AAaaarrrggghhhh!

Arrgggghhhh RUN AWAYid="blue">! RADIATION! Aaagghhhhh!!!!!

(Hang on a second, my head just fell off… OK, there…)


Let’s all run around and scream and consult with Al Gerhart and find out what we must all do to save ourselves …. Aagghhhhhrrr!


Perhaps we need to change your tag line from “Don’t believe everything you thinkâ€

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