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Rusted Rebar and Spalling


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You're going to get a full range of possiblities from everyone, including engineers. I've seen engineers sign off on stuff like this, and I've seen them want to evacuate the property for fear of catastrophic failure. God Bless the engineers, but.......

How about just telling the folks the foundation is falling apart due to all the stuff you've described, and to get a concrete repair company in to tell them how much it's going to cost to fix it?

It doesn't look particularly complicated. A real fix might also include a discussion of dealing with the water that caused the problem in the first place.

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I think any good contractor can figure out what to do with that without getting an engineer involved.

By the look of it, I think the spalling has run its course. If if I ran into that I'd just chip away the worst of it, paint it with binder, wrap a form around it that provide an addition 6 inches on all sides, lay in some rebar, and place a 5,000 psi collar around the whole shebang. Then I'd figure out what to do about the water and do it. It'd be good for another 100 years.

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