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Should I poke the hive

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Got a call from a realtwhore this morning. When she was done stroking me with the "I hear your doing a bang up job Around here" BS, (hmm must be I've been missing things) she set up an appointment for the client,(he was there) and ended the call as fast as she could. Leaving me with only his name and the address of the house.

I know what and why she did it that way and if it was two years from now or If I had deeper pockets, I'd know the answer to this.

Do I call her back for the clients phone number so i can touch base with him and risk pissing this slick old hen off, or do I let it go and take control of it at the inspection with the check in my pocket.

BTW This is the person who asked me if I was realtor friendly a few months ago.

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While I don’t necessarily disagree with the others’ replies I might differ depending on a couple of conditions that you didn’t mention: First and foremost is that the client WILL be present and then, also, that YOUR price and payment terms are understood by the client. I book inspections all the time, with the clients themselves, with little more information than that passed one way or the other. OK…maybe a phone number, but that’s mainly for contact if someone doesn’t show up.

Once on site, the client gets the same spiel as usual (scope, limitations, report stuff, jokes, etc) and I’m quite capable of “handlingâ€

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I'm with Rich and Les. As long as you can perform your job the way you want to, and this chick is sending you bidness, why get officious? The only thing I might do is zap the realtor an e-mail that mentions your fee and explains that you expect payment at the time of service.

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Uh oh! Les and Richard are right too.

Richard, I have no history With this person but, I just don't trust her or care for the way she operates. I'll have my guard up. I think I'll let it sit for a few days then I'll call and get the information. I'm into I hope a good habit of emailing a contract for review.

The client will be there.

thanks again

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Gary, one thing to remember as well. You may think this agent was blowing smoke up your butt, but they were also blowing it at the client. You said the client was right there and thus could hear the agent speaking. I doubt as a possible home buyer, you'd be comfortable listening to your agent ask all kinds of things about your possible inspector. I've met a few agents under similar conditions and I can always tell when the client is within ear shot of the agent.

Don't let this sway you in any way. Do your job, do it right and make the client happy. When it's all said and done you may find out this is one of the good agents or is even worse than you think now. But don't let their sales job sway your opinion so soon.

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