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Junk Faxes

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Do you get a lot of junk faxes?

I do. I found this site where you can send your junk faxes and they will give you a portion of the settlement up to 25 bucks.

I know these snakes (law office) will make a lot more on the faxes, but heck, at least we're getting something for all the toner these junk faxes use.

The website is www.faxwars.com

We just sent them 60 faxes. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. If anyone has used them, I'd be interested in knowing how it turned out.


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About six months ago, I started responding to the unsubscribe numbers appearing at the bottom of the FAXes.

It must have worked because I now get maybe one a week instead of ten or so per day.

A lot of the tool free numbers at the bottom were the same for different vendors, a FAXing service!



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