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Just wanted to place a post and see how everyone is doing; considering the major drop in the economy including various areas. Had a pretty busy spring and summer up until last month. Last month dropped 2 inspections from the previous month of Aug. (still a good month though) and this month looks to be about 7-8 inspections short of last month if it keep this slow through the rest of the month. Got a little bit of the inspection blues, how are all the rest of you faring? How has the past couple of months been?

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With the exception of May (which sucked) I've had a good year. The past 2 weeks have been extremly slow so if things don't pick up soon October will be a bad month too. Talking with others in the area everyone associated with real esate has been slow this month.

In this sort of biz one has to expect slow times and use the extra time to work on marketing, education, etc.

Good luck

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For me, business last year was up over the year before and this year I'm way ahead of last year's numbers. It's been very steady all spring, summer and fall.

The only "marketing" I do is to print my own business cards and inspect like I'm inspecting for the one person on the planet who can be more critical of me than me, my mother.



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This is my first year so all I can say is it's not a great one. I realize it takes time to build a business so I am not worried. I knew coming in it was not a get rich quick business. I building one inspection at a time, trying to make sure each is the best I've done yet. My customers seem to appreciate it, most of them refer me to another customer.

I look at the economy as a plus. Some inspectors may feel its time to get out, other people may decide not to get into it. Either way I think its a good time to be an inspector.

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