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Condensate drain


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UPC 807 Appliances, devices, equipment, or other apparatus not regularly classed as plumbing fixtures, which are equipped with pumps, drips, or drainage outlets, may be drained by indirect waste pipes discharging into an approved type of open receptor.

IOW, direct connection not allowed.

807.2 does allow direct connection for a/c condensate lines into a lavatory or tub tailpiece, but still that's into a trap and not directly connected into the drainage system.

Chris, Oregon

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This is one of those things I wish the IRC would speak to directly, in the Heating & Cooling section under "condensate", but they don't. There is a provision in the plumbing vent section that says you can't use a vent pipe for any purpose other than the venting of the plumbing system, but that doesn't help you in this case (lots of attic units tied to plumbing vents around here). I don't see anything in "sanitary drainage" that prohibits hooking up a condensate drain.

Don't some (or most) HVAC manufacturers have requirements for traps, etc., as limited as they may be without primers? The intent is obvious.

Brian G.

Maybe Someday.... [:-indiffe

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