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Opinion sources in reports

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I started to steal (thread drift) another thread in response to something Walter had to say but thought it'd be better to start a new one in the right area.

Anyhow, when the poopstorm hits, I want to be the guy who can truthfully say, "I told those people that stuff was dangerous. Says right here in my report. And here are my sources..."


If you want to be lonely and get fewer calls w/ questions about your report from buyers, sellers, real estaters, electricians, plumbers etc.

FOLLOW Walter's advise.

Since I started including sources (several years ago), it's no longer an argument between the other person's opinion and my opinion.

The other person can argue all they want that the manufacturer's instructions, CPSC, gas company, electric company, etc are wrong, but they can't argue with ME about it.

I like getting fewer calls w/ questions about my report.


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