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bad flashing =

John Dirks Jr

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

I'm still wondering what point he was trying to make.

WARNING! Serious thread drift!

In my misspent youth I played a lot of pool, often for a beer or a few bucks. Eventually I got to be pretty good at it. One night some joker I'd never seen before wandered into my favorite place and started playing me for $5 a game. I was really "on" that night. I was lining up shot after shot, winning game after game with only a couple of turns, and he just wouldn't give up. After 8 - 10 games, he was racking again when he said in frustration "You haven't shown me a damn thing, buddy. All you've made are straight-in shots." Beer shot out my nose.

Brian G.

Gotta Love a Sucker Like That [:P]

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

I'm involved with a lawsuit regarding a very poorly installed roof. I'll tell you what the defendant's lawyer told me:

"You inspectors, you're really something. All you have to do is follow people around and wait for them to make mistakes."

Sounds like the very definition of a lawyer.

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