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Mobile Home Inspection

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I will be doing my first inspection of a "mobile home" next Saturday. I've checked out a couple of threads on the NACHI message board that provided some interesting discussion and a couple of good links (best is http:www.inspect-ny.com/mobileinspections.htm) and I've checked out the HUD site to read through the construction standards. Now that I've read through all that stuff, I'm a little nervous . . . these things are really different - with their own codes, standards, and such. Lots of opportunity for problems. The NACHI Board is good, but this is my preferred hangout, so, do any of you have words of wisdom?

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Hi Jay,

They aren't that bad. You just have to do a couple to get used to the differences. Pass your cursor over 'Resources' above to generate the drop-down, then choose 'Downloads' and you can find about half a dozen documents about manufactured homes.

Good luck!



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Turns out it's a 1960's vintage mobile "wrap" with lots of problems - most significant related to the electrical system and to fire-related access / egress.

Forget the leaky plumbing, NO GFCI's, Rusted main electrical service panel, two handyman subpanels, the major ponds of water on the roof (just rained), and the non-existent anchoring system and all the other stuff (took most of the evening to write the report) -- The really scary part (in my opinion) was that the one-and-only smoke detector did not function, and the windows in both bedrooms were two-pane awning windows and were 45-46 inches above finished floor. Single door from each BR into a hallway. Non-functioning smoke detector in only one BR. The other BR at the opposite end of the trailer. I imagined waking up to discover a fire on the other side of the BR door, and felt the fear as I tried to climb up and out the window - only to find my way blocked by the frames of the awning window panels.

My client was the mother of the the young man who was intersted in buying the place. After we finished - she decided to withdraw his offer.

Thanks yet again for the advice guys.

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