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E. coli Bacteria Found in City Water


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Well, how about a water heater that is shut off for some time(or set at too low a temp), the lack of back flow prevention, and a significant draw on the water system. If the water in the heater goes stale bacteria will flourish, then all it would take is the opening of a hydrant in the vacinity (for a fire, or the water department flushing lines, or even a broken water main) to draw that contaminated water back into the muni system. Unless the event that caused the back flow purged all the contaminants, very unlikely, bacteria will remain in the muni lines and be distributed very efficiently through out the community. That is why as HI's we write up stuff like hand showers or hoses on utility sink faucets that allow contact with dirty water, and missing back flow prevention (check valves).


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Originally posted by inspecthistoric

A water heater cannot "generate" E. coli - it's a type of fecal coliform bacteria.

If it truly originated from a water heater, there's poo in it. It's more likely to be a cross connection somewhere.

Thank you mr. Kibbel. I think I hurt my neck when I heard them report it as the possible source last night.
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