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Pinhead of the Day Award Goes To.......

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Hi All,

It's got nothing to do with home inspection but I enjoyed it anyway. Some real good use of night-vision and infrared equipment here. Click here, then click on the video on the right side and choose full screen if you want to get a better view.

The lesson here is that if you and your girlfriend are drunk and decide that you're going to drive drunk, and race each other on the interstate on the way home, and you've got the faster vehicle, you should make sure that there are lots of people at the house that you're going to, and that you've got the keys to the house, so that you can let yourself in and put yourself out-of-sight of a surveillance helicopter, before the cops catch up to you. That way, they'll at least have a little bit of difficulty proving it was you driving that vehicle.

Oh yeah, and don't try and hide out behind the garage by lying on the ground 'cuz it makes you look a wee bit suspicious.


Maybe just don't be a pinhead and drive drunk in the first place. It's been raining on and off all day and the roads are slick. This asshole is lucky they aren't scraping him off the pavement with a spatula.

Both boyfriend and girlfriend (driving the chase car) charged with DUI, reckless driving and racing on public highways.




While you watch the video of the plane circling the house, check out the roof of the house and look at all of that heat loss. Hell, you can even see the heat coming out of the gable end vents!

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