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Originally posted by NJinspector

Can anyone help me with the age of this a/c condenser


model VRCF30UO1D

MFG NO# P1106803C

SERIAL NO# 9007066994

My notes say that amana uses the "blackhorse" code for age, but doesnt make any sense to me with these numbers.

Use the Goodman codes.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Originally posted by hausdok

Jeez Luoise!

It's right here in the decoder chart. Print this out and keep a copy inside your clipboard or on the truck.

Like Jim says, use the Goodman codes - that furnace was manufactured in July of 1990.



I'm a knucklehead - I have that chart on the wall by my desk! I got up, walked across the room, and dug through the filing cabinet rather than swivel my head a bit. [:-censore


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Hi Brad,

No worries; we understand how nervous and distracted our northern neighbors are today wondering whether the morning will usher in someone they consider either a saint or the devil.

Take a deep breath; no matter who wins, we'll still be your friends in the a.m. [:D]

Traffic should be light in the morning. I figure those who vote for whoever loses tonight will all be home mourning in the morning. [;)]



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