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What's wrong with these 2 pictures?

Richard Moore

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Not on the lens...probably the asbestos from the vermiculite floating in the air.

Image Insert:


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For those not familiar with our area, I should probably point out that homes from this era almost invariably had cedar shingle (not shake) roofs with no roofing felt. After seeing the roof from the exterior, I was fully expecting to see the underside of those shingles, not the newish looking felt that I found.

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"There should be plywood over..."

Exactly! I'm sure some have seen this before, but it was a first for me.

"Should have been real easy to walk though"

Actually not. The first photo doesn't show it but the lower 3rd of both sides was wet and mossy. Plus the 9 (or so) 12 pitch, and the fact it was a very simple gable roof, I stuck to my ladder at the eaves. My wife likes me in one piece.

Image Insert:


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The tall chimney was cracked through (4th course up in photo), obviously had no mortar crown, and was "caulked" for flashing, so I didn't feel I was missing much there.

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Originally posted by Brandon Whitmore

Yeah, but was it leaking.....[;)]

I realize you are kidding Brandon, but I'll go ahead and answer...

No. Dry as a bone in the attic and, apart from the dips, the shingles looked OK. My guess is the roof was 8-10 years old and I don't know how much the installation will actually affect it's longevity. But, as I pointed out to my clients, it's wrong according to both the manufacturer (warranty) and the codes (IRC 905.2.1) presumably for good reason and, even if it would last as long, it will incur the extra expense of adding decking next time. As a bonus, of course, the homeowner also neglected to improve the ventilation.

As it was only about 4 blocks from where I live, and if the deal still goes through, I might get to find out how they (everybody but me) handled this one.

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