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Times Are Tough And Some Are Leaving

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Hi All,

I participate on a few other discussion boards besides TIJ and yesterday I saw a post that I feel is kind of emblematic of what's going on in the profession right now. I think it's some food for thought and I've got the poster's permission to re-post it here. I've removed identifying information from it.




Gentlemen and Ladies,

After the cost of continuing education, state license fees and insurance & corporation accounting fees I have netted just $180 during this calender year. I love doing inspections; but financially this endeavor is not viable; and the future looks doubtful. As of November 30th, my license will expire.

I would formally like to thank everyone who responded to any of my posts on this forum; they were ALL helpful to me! A special thanks to those of you who e-mailed me off-list with additional insights. All of you helped mentor me into the business.

I truly wish you all the best of luck with one less competitor.

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