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Ran into this today on a manufactured home built in 1970. The material was a thin metal and was bubbling and not secured to the roof sheathing at many locations. It appeared to come in 4x8 sheets.

Many of the homes in the area have since changed to comp roofs, however several still had this type of roof.

My question is if it's ok that it is loose to the sheathing. No signs of leaks were noted in the interior, however there was no attic access.

Ideas of the product and its installation requirements?

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I don't recognize that exact style, but for a long time it wasn't unusual for manufactured homes to have metal roofs that weren't fastened to the roof trusses, or were only fastened at very wide intervals. During that time a manufactured home with old tires spaced out down the roof was a fairly common sight out in the country; they kept the metal from banging up and down in the wind (redneck ingenuity strikes again).

Brian G.

What Happened to Burying Tires Half-Out of the Ground and Painting Them White? [:-slaphap

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