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There are two ways to post here. You can simply reply to this post and then put in the item that you have for sale or information about the business you are selling. Or, if you want it to be segregated from other threads, you can begin a new topic thread. The choice is up to you. Just keep it home inspection related. [Ed.]

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My bad, the forum is entitled Help Wanted - Businesses for Sale. He probably found it using a search engine.

Heck, he's not doing us any harm. Who knows, maybe some inspector reading this has been dreaming of moving to Thailand and running his own little topless bar for years - you never know. [:-eyebrow

Heck, Jimmy went down Meh-hee-ko way to chase the senoritas, didn't he?



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sure is tempting, isn't it. It's not a back country village either. Good sized city on the Gulf of Thailand.

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There's an inspector from someplace in the Northeast (I read his stuff on the HomeGauge forum) that goes to Thailand every winter for a few months. Must be nice!

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Pattaya was and is built on the back of sex tourism. The Navy started going there for RR back in the 60 when it was a nice fishing village. Many of the bars are owned by foreigners, a lot of Germans, for some reason.

The military still uses an air field, not to far from there for various exercises and operations. I’ve spent lot of time in Pattaya and other parts of S.E Asia over the years. If you’re looking for a nice relaxing tropical beach, Pattaya is NOT the place to go. If you’re looking for awesome night life, well that is another story.

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