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Veterans - VERY Decent Life Insurance Rates

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I don't usually like commercial stuff to be posted here but this deal is almost too good to be true; in fact, if these guys hadn't been around for so long - they were organized after Custer got is ass creamed at the Little Big Horn and all of those army widows and families got practically nothing - I would have thought they were bogus.

This deal is for you. Have you ever seen that Matrix Direct commercial where they tell you they'll find you the absolute lowest rate on life insurance? Did you ever buy one of those policies? I did; it was cheaper than anyone else would sell me life insurance for at my age but they'd only let me purchase $300K coverage. Still, it was the best that I could find so I thought I'd gotten a pretty good deal. Then a friend in Iraq tipped me off to AAFMAA - The Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association site (http://www.aafmaa.com).

If you're a vet and concerned about making sure that your loved ones are really taken care of when you're gone, you need to check these guys out; $800K worth of coverage for me from AAFMAA costs only about $20 bucks more a month than the $300K worth of coverage I'd gotten from a Matrix Direct provider; plus there is NO WAR CLAUSE or waiting period.

With that kind of coverage, at least you'll know that, if something really bad happens, your family will be sitting pretty - even if it is without you.

Check 'em out!



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Here's how it works. It's available to all Army or Air Force personnel below age 66 who are: Active duty; Guard or Reserve (full or part time); ASMA and USAFA Cadets, ROTC Contract/Scholorship Cadets and retirees. However; due to insurance laws in those state, they had to extend it to honorably discharged veterans of any of the services who reside in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Once a vet is honorably discharged a vet has up to within 6 months of discharge to apply for it, or, after six months, has to be married to an eligible serviceperson in order to get it. Retirees can purchase it at any time.

It's term life up to $800,000 for members and spouses below age 75 and children and grandchildren ages 18 - 23 and whole life up to $800,000 for members and spouses below age 80 and children adn granchildren below age 24.



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