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Finding manufacture's date


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I have read the threads regarding this and even checked out the library and the file that was supposed to inlcude all this, but alas, it did not.

So here is my question.

I am trying to find this for a customer.

What is the manufacture date of this furnace:

maker: Olsen

model # NAS 140

serial # 1118

It is a hydronic system

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Originally posted by Brad Manor

Is there a letter before the 4 digits of the serial? Olsen used A-1234 type of format for serial numbers from '59-'79. Olsen's phone # is 519.627.0791


Waiting to find out the answer to that from the home owner.

Also, I just realized I probably should have posted this in the HVAC area, if the mods wanna move this question?

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