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Client wants me to replace roof


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I frequently tell folks that "xxxx needs repairs, but don't be surprised if a contractor uses the service call as an opportunity to make a big sale".

I can't count how many times:

- a roofer has tried to sell a new roof when it only needs minor repairs

- an electrician tries to sell a new service when the panel only needs minor corrections

- a chimney sweep tries to sell major repairs when a flue only needs a good brushing

- etc., etc.

If an inspector can't determine if a roof needs repair or replacement, I suggest the inspector might need to learn more about roofing.

There's too many inspectors trying to hide from telling their clients the truth.

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I do not know what is done in other parts of the country but in Texas it would be prudent to determine what issues are incorrect and then recommend a competent licensed or qualified personnel to determine the proper methods of correcting issues. You are an inspector and not an electrican, roofing contractor or other. When you start telling people how and what way to fix items you have left your self wide open for just what is happening to this inspector. If you have large gonads and lots of insurance jump in there and start telling them not only what is wrong but how to fix it. You will soon be in the same boat as are friend here.

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