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I used to chuckle at the idea, but then my friend married a woman from Kyoto, and the wedding gift from his new in-laws was a pair of Toto toilets tricked out with G-Max flush technology and Washlet seats. That's approximately $6400 in toilets.

I've had the pleasure of testing them. It's a marvel. Hit a button and the program warms the seat, plays pleasant music, lights the seat a soft orange, and when the work is finished, rinses the critical areas with warm water and a moving jet that gets into all the areas one wants it to get into.

No paper. Think about that.

I wish I could afford the upgrade from my current Kohler throne.

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Originally posted by Jeremy

The moving jet; is that the water or dry air. I just keep imagining dripping wet, like a car leaving the car wash without a dry cycle.

Nope. Not really. Damp, yes. Dripping, no.

It's a remarkably precise little water jet, no car wash spray. You control it with little buttons on the control module.

A quick dab with a single square of tissue would be sufficient for the most uptight, dry-desirous user.

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At last years IBS in Orlando there was a display model mounted high so that passers by could feel the warm spray with their hands. It was covered with a little plastic dome so no one would get a shower as they passed the booth. When it was my turn in line the dome fell off and the spray went over my head and showered everyone on the other side of the aisle. It was extremely funny for the people on my side of the aisle.


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Well I guess I'm one of those, less arsty, more fartsy kind of guys. I don't want any toilet warming, charging, washing, or playing soft music for my arse. I really don't. I like my toilets passive. All I want in a toilet is a moderately comfortable hunk of porcelin that'll discard from my house what I've discarded from my body, and that's it. I ask no more of a toilet, and would accept no less.

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