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Step flashing versa J type flashing

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Thanks Nolan.

After a quick glance at the states, I don't see any that have adopted the 2012 yet. It looks like TX is still under the 2000 version of the IRC.


I believe that is incorrect as the Texas State Legislature handles such every other year and two years ago (if I recall correctly) they adopted the 2006 for the "state". I'll dig into that and see if I can refresh my gray matter.

Of course each AHJ does their own thing and most are at the 2006 or 2009 version.

Follow-up ... An update to the more current IRC was proposed at the Texas Legislature two years ago, but it got lost in the shuffle as it was stuffed in another piece of legislation that was scuttled.

Thus ... the ICC has it correct in that the "State of Texas" is at the 2000 IRC. As I noted ... each AHJ has adopted more current versions.

Maybe it will be on the docket for the 2013 legislative session, but I have no way of knowing that at this time.

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