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foreclosure bank inspection

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Did you google them? I seem to recall some kind of controversy and threats of a defamation lawsuit flying back and forth over that company a few years ago. I think if you google them or the name of the sports personality that founded them that you might find those documents.



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First it would be nice if you would post your real name and location. Don't need fine details, but you are dealing with Jay Vincent, world famous basketball player via that company.

I would suspect you may be getting a little free exposure for a company.

I have past experience with individuals with that company and could not refer anyone.


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I'd check with your State's HI regs before signing on. In MA, what they are proposing would almost surely be considered a 'home inspection' and our state requires written reports. You could get into trouble for offering just verbal reports.

Besides, if they're only charging $250, they're likely paying inspectors less than half of that. I think our time would be better spent marketing than working that cheaply.

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let us really read the info on that site. Thirty two years in bidness? I have been here in the business for those same thirty two years and can't recall him being around. I do remember his stint with Housemaster. I do remember giving one of his "inspectors" a ride home once because he did not have a vehicle with him. Seems someone dropped him off at the site with a clipboard and flashlight.

Oh ya,

I do have a copy of the letter he sent me over a decade ago saying he was going to sue me for slander to the tune of "multi-millions of dollars".

Great basketball player for MSU.

Handsome guy that is well spoken.

Don't know much about his company.

Read the site, do not just puruse it!

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