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I couldn't resist posting these form what seems like my annual pool inspection. I don't get a lot in this area. I called 8 safety items. 4 of them pertain to the enclosure (one of them being a common more restrictive measure imposed by the AHJ.)

Feel free to use this as an exercise if you want.

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What the heck, I'll give it a go.

Spindle spacing too wide. Gate doesn't close and latch by itself, walkway is too narrow under that ugly bay window or shrine or whatever that is. The light fixture is too low, the vent is discharging on top of that bay thing and also into the pool area, the light switch for the light that's too low seems to not be weatherproof, and I don't see any bonding on any of the window frames that look like aluminum, or the the vent thing. I'm sure that given the level of craftsmanship, they've just cleverly concealed the bonding. Lastly, the illegal use of indoor / outdoor carpet.

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The wide board on top of the fence could be used as a 'diving board'; you know, something like my former neighbor who dove off the roof of my friends garage roof, broke his neck & sued my friend for such a dangerous situation (and won). No wonder insurance costs are so high.


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Good calls Chad. That's most of what I picked up, the switch is weatherproof, kind of hard to tell from the pic. I did recommend against the carpet and recommended ventilation under the deck to ensure a longer life and restore the home crawl space ventilation that was blocked by the pool deck. Illegal carpet though? I am not aware of any code restrictions, it don't make it so but I'd love to learn.

Frankly I missed the vent outlet, good call Chad. Thanks God the roof is tile so the little buggers wet feet will cause them to slip and fall off before they get a chance to dive from it. The rail was pretty rough so threat of splinters keeps my hope alive.

Things that were hard to pick up from the pics:

No saftey glass in the windows.

The fence height is too low (the AHJ requires 5 ft.)

The barrier is hugely climable since the deck serves as a horizontal member, is less than 45" from the top rail, a condition requiring a max. 1-3/4 inch spacing of the balusters.

The pool coping and upper walls are metal. Since the under-deck area was inaccessible, the recommendation was for further evaluation to ensure bonding of these components. Current odds are 80:1 against, if anyone cares to place a bet.

Sorry if there is any difference but I inspected to UBC since California probably won't adopt the IRC until sometime in the next decade. I've quit reading code books so if there is any difference in the IRC I apologize [:-clown]

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Originally posted by swarga

The only other item I saw was no handrail at the steps.

Yep, that and the fact that the gate's position in relationship to the stair opening sucks and IMO violates the door/stair relationship provisions of the code. Under UBC standards those are not steps. It takes 4 risers, different than the IRC.

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