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Retrofit windows


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They're barely held in the wall. The nailing fins have been slit away. I'm betting there were 50-60's era aluminum windows cut away; and, instead of cutting back the siding and modifying the surrounds around the window so that the new windows could be secured to the rough framing, those just abut directly against the interior trim and are secured through the edges into the siding and caulked in place. No continuity of flashing behind the siding around those windows. If water gets into the wall it will just drain straight through to the inside.

Slope or not, it won't make much difference what with the deep overhang; you're a northwesterner, Brandon, you know that. It's a low band of brick stuck on the front of that house for looks. That top ledge has probably never seen rain, which is the only way they can get away with this installation; the overhang has allowed the remuddler's mistake to go uncaught till now.

Good catch, Randy!



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