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Veneer Stone flashing at chimney


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Originally posted by bghi

First post to this web site. Here it is, faux veneer stone chimney with motar used as flashing. What is your take on this type of practice. thanks in advance

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It'll leak. Somebody's going to have to remove the shingles around the chimney, get some real flashing and start all over. It'll be costly.

Mud ain't flashing,


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It will leak for sure. Water will pass through that cast stone in about five to ten minutes and drain down the backside of the cast stone. Where's it going to go except back up behind the stone and drain into the house?

Cast stone has to be installed like stucco with a pretty good gap along the bottom so that moisture can get out. It should be torn out and done again. There need to be step flashings incorporated into the roof and then the cast stone veneer has to be able to drain onto the roof.



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You also need to have a 2" clearance between the shingles and the base of the faux stone. You should see a weep screed just like a stucco wall.

Ask the builder what is going to happen when the shingles need to be replaced? That install is completely wrong. Go to the Owens Corning site they have detailed flashing guidelines http://www.culturedstone.com/literature/docs/New_Best_Practices.pdf.

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