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Deck joist brackets


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You want joist hangers at the ledger board attached to the house, but the most commonly designed deck is cantilevered at the outboard side and has the joists resting on and supported by a beam. The joists are then supporting the rim joist which is typically just nailed. Hangers don't work well when the forces are reversed.

There are, of course, different and more complex designs. Basically, if a joist is attached to a supporting member, then it should have a hanger at that point...but not if it is itself providing support. That make sense?

There are tie-downs and other "strong-ties" that might be used in places, but I'm assuming you were talking about joist hangers.

There's this which is a good read... http://www.awc.org/Publications/DCA/DCA6/DCA6.pdf

And/or go down to the big box store and get yourself a "how to" book on decks. They cover most common designs.

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Is there a better pic of that deck. I am curious as to whether those joists are cantilevered out. If there is no cantilever, that is wrong. If there is a cantilever, joist hangers would not be necessary as the beam would carry the load, and the header joist would prevent later movement of the joists. That 2x does not qualify as a beam.

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