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How many of you even own a multi-meter


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He all,

Well, I've had another electrical poll question submitted by a fellow. He says that it's logical that most folks will use a 3-light tester, so he's not surprised at the poll results, but he wants to know what percentage of folks have a multi-meter in addition to some type of receptacle test device.

So, I thought I'd ask again.


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I had an electric range, stovetop burner not working. My clients were late arriving, so I went and got a multi meter and tested the socket. It was good.

That was once, some time ago, 2010. Since then, I have thrown that meter out, display quit working. Used it once at work, once or twice at home. [:(]

Multi meters are cheap to buy, so yes have one in the truck, for 240 volt circuits, sniffing abandoned wiring, etc.

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