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Multi-Wire Circuit off a Generator


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Originally posted by randynavarro

Multi wire circuit (red and black wires in the pic).

Disconnect the hot legs from the breakers.

Now connect each of those wires to the two incoming wires from the generator switch (in the photo, the larger black #12 wires under the wire nuts are from the generator switch).

Does this help?

What Jim & Jeff said. Different poles ok. Same pole bad.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Originally posted by randynavarro

I guess the next question then: is anyone familiar with the GenTran switch boxes that can be purchased at H. Depot?

Or any generators for that matter.

Are there different poles in generators?

I assumed there wasn't but what do I know. . .

I installed one in my house two years ago. The generator panel is fed from a two pole breaker in the main panel (and also from the the 2 pole 4 wire feed from the generator, through a rubber cord). The branch circuit hots are disconnected from the breakers in the main panel and wire nutted to pigtails that connect to the breakers in the generator panel. The two panels are bonded. The only neutral in the generator panel is from the generator as it passes through the enclosure and on to the neutral/ground bus bar in the main panel.

Gen-Tran manual

My installation

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