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Recalled Product Disclaimer?

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I've been receiving recall notices from the CPSC for a couple of years now and entering the data into a mySQL database. My original intent was to cross reference serial numbers of major appliances against the database to find any matches. The problem I am finding is the data published by the CPSC is sometimes very vague (particularly the serial number information). So for now, this project is on hold.

My question is, do any of you include a disclaimer in your reports or pre-inspection agreements stating that you will not be held responsible for recalled items?

I recently read a string of comments on an internet forum (I don't remember where) where a customer was trying hold a Home Inspector responsible for recalled appliances in her new home. The general response of those who replied seemed to agree with the customer!

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I don't have a disclaimer in my report about everything we are not obligated to report. The report would get pretty cluttered pretty quickly. Then again, my state has a SOP that we are required to follow that doesn't require reporting recalled items. But if you are in a state that does not regulate HI's, I would consider adding that disclaimer. If it's not excluded from your assumed obligation, it might be that you would have more potential liability.

It would be a simple matter to note appliance serial numbers in the report if you do that already. (I don't) But whether you do or not, you could add a comment suggesting that they check the CPSC database out for themselves.

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