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Thanks John!

I downloaded it and played for a while. I LIKE IT!!!

For my report photos, the main things I want to do, easily and quickly, are crop (I crop almost all of my photos), lighten if needed, resize and then add text (with black "shadow"), arrows and sometimes outline boxes or circles. For the last many years I have been using two separate, and now obsolete, programs to do that. Both have been working fine for me and I'm very used to them, but I think I will now try switching to this single program. I can already see that it does everything I need, without excess fuss, and the arrows are nicer and easier to insert as a bonus.

I'll play around with the other features later. Might have to make a "donation" if I do end up using it all the time.

Anyway, thanks again, John.

You now don't have to get me anything for Christmas! [;-xmas]

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Originally posted by Erby

HomeGuage will already let me do all that stuff for the pictures in my report, but I'll have to give it a try for GIF production.

Ditto. It will also do overlays for IR images. Bet this will be usefull for posts here. Thanks John

Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone. I gotta go shop

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