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DAMSA/IDA garage door inspection videos


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Nice Job Guys,

Glad to see that so many of the folks I know from TIJ were involved in making that film and I'm glad to see no paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, plastic water bottles, or folks standing there pushing up on the door were harmed in the making of that film in order to test the auto reverse feature.

My only criticism is that though the film says that the door can be tested in five minutes, the narrater kept saying, "If the door does not meet this requirement, have a trained door systems technician yadda yadda before proceeding with this inspection."

I understand the intent there; you find the first thing wrong, stop the inspection and refer to the door to a trained tech to correct and that tech should fix the issue and finish the safety inspection. Well, I can imagine the rare nervous nelly that insists I must finish the inspection and wants me to return to complete it after the door system tech fixes that first item. Great, I get paid a second fee; but what if I then discover that the tech didn't complete a full inspection and the second item is screwed up? If I refer it again, the nervous nelly is going to want me back again. If the tech is an idiot I could end up going back over and over again; Mama Mia!

It seems to me that, unless I find something that places me in danger, the trained professional, moi, should continue with the inspection and finish it and then list everything that I see wrong with the door and tell the client to have a trained door systems tech fix it all. Yeah, I know, I'm being too anal again, but.....

By the way, how does a manufacturer's organization video make it onto a YouTube site like this? Does the organization do it or does someone just download the file and then upload it to YouTube? If one is putting a video on one's website to attract folks to one's website doesn't placing the video on YouTube kind of defeat that purpose? Then again, if you want it to get seen it's liable to get seen on YouTube whereas it will probably only be seen by door techs on an obscure site like Dasma's. This new teknalagee has me so cornfoozed!



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Another likely always automatic 'deficiency' now! Seldom have I ever seen 4 different warning labels on garage door operator systems.

Add it to my AFCI deficiency list.

The above comments will be well recognized by the TX HIs who are migrating over to the new SOP.

Thanks for the information Barry. Most appreciated.

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I wonder how hard those labels are to get? Personally, with some small things like a missing or wrong screw from an electrical panel or socket covers, I keep a couple dozen in the truck and either replace it, as in the case of the screw as I have to put it back in anyways, or give it to the home owner so they can do it/have it done themselves. Clients and agents alike seem to really appreciate this little step and it helps with the "Nit Pick" comments.

Anyways, nice video.

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