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New Revenue Stream?

Chad Fabry

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Well, I don't know if this is a good sign, but I sure like it. I spoke to a friend about this who spoke to her buddy, a divorce attorney. She (and her client)is in a battle right now over 4 properties. And now I have four more inspections this week.

Certainly this was just good luck and timing, but hey, thanks for posting it.

P.S. I've called several others now being all excited with minimal luck but there does appear to be a market here. The first answer I have been getting is, we already have an appraiser. So it appears the first step is to educate them. Hope we can dobetter here :P

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We've received a fair amount of residential and some commercial inspections from lawyers referring their divorce clients to us. It's a smart move when there's real estate assets caught in the middle.

If your considering marketing this, be prepared for many emotional episodes and tension. I remember one of my earliest ones was a large compound of buildings. We had to be escorted by 2 state constables. Hubby threatened me anyway. The larger the real estate value, the more serious the tension can be.

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