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Leaking Toilet Fill-Valve

Jerry Simon

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When I held the flush-handle down to fully evacuate the tank, I noticed water shooting out the side of the toilet fill-valve, about half-way down the valve stem. Looked goofy, but almost like it was intentional. Problem? Cross-connection problem? Thanks for any insight.

In the pict, you can see the water shooting out the left side of the valve stem, again, about half-way down the stem.

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When a toilet bowl flushes, not all of the water that goes into the bowl to flush the waste enters by the flapper lifting. Water is also put into the fixture from within the bowl itself. You will not see this water. It is put into the weir of the bowl from within the hollow cavity of the bowl itself. If you notice, there is a small tube that is directed into the hollow fill tube. The water from this tube is being directed into the weir. The fill hole sometimes can be seen. It is the little hole below the water level in the bowl.

The waste is not just being pushed down by the weight of the water above. It is also being sucked down by the siphon being started by the water below.

The small holes pissing water are refilling the tank.

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