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CO Poison


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Originally posted by Brian G

No CO detector, obviously. Now these poor people have to live with the knowledge that a $25 dollar item could have prevented a needless, tragic death. I pity them.

Brian G.

It's a Hard, Tough World Sometimes [:-ashamed

Ditto that. It happened to some local college-age girls from Nashville, a few years back. Same story -- teens gathered in a closed-in area, and apparently unaware of the risks. Just a few months back, some local teens went "mudding," in a truck, got the exhaust pipe stuck underwater, and the CO from the engine killed the young adults in the truck. These are heartbreakers. The deaths were avoidable.

No offense to anybody, but this is the kind of info that science teachers ought to be teaching by seventh grade. And if the schoolteachers don't do it, I'm in favor of us daddies picking up the science slack.

Maybe it's time for an update for Life's Little Instruction Book.


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