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no switch at garage man door


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Inspected a house completed this year and noticed that the attached garage had an overhead light and a switch at the man door going into the house but no switch at the man door at the side entry. I could not find anything in the code stating that a switch was required at the man door. Anyone know of a requirement for a swith here?

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I very, very much doubt there is any code requiring them. It's not like you would normally be going into the garage from the house, turning on the light and then leaving permanently by the side door and most people don't enter their house at night via the garage side door. The more likely scenario is you would come back into the garage and turn off the light as you go back into the house.

I could see it being convenient, and an improvement, but not "code".

Unless, as Jeff points out, there are stairs (not just a step). But then, would the 3-way switch need to be at the man door or the bottom of the stairs? I think code would call for the latter.

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i don't think i have inspected a home without the dual switch and/or one for a light on the exterior wall. and for some reason the grade level comment is ringing in my head. don't feel like further researching/refreshing this but chuckling at "man door" and the political correctness, < good inspection point. lol i thought it was a service door ha ha

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